Man, a million years from now

Although I expect to live to see 150, looking a million years ahead is a bit of a stretch even for me. Nevertheless, in the late 1800s it seems to have been quite the sport to do exactly that. (Well, maybe not.)

HG Wells predicted that after a million years, man will have evolved to a creature that is all brain, and little else, swimming in liquid food to sustain himself.

A writer for The St. Louis Republic on the other hand predicted that man will shrink considerably, and dumb down to match. This process, apparently, will start around the year 3000!

[a drawing from Punch]
Future man swimming in pepsine. Source: Punch.

(Hm, I suddenly realize that my colouring is quite caucasiocentric. Here’s how I determined the colour: I looked at my hand. Here’s how I determined the colour of the liquid food: I Google Imaged for pepsine. Not that pepsine is blue, but I found enough evidence to make sure my swimming-pool blue wasn’t entirely impossible.)

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