Film released in theatre and on TV, DVD at the same time

Not sure what the hubhub is all about… I have not only seen films being released simultaneously in theatres and on TV before–decades ago–, but I have even seen films released first on TV, to only get a theatrical release after it had proven itself through ratings. (Bluebird is an example of the latter.) And like this one, they were typically arthouse films.

But the discussion in the article is interesting, because it is about Hollywood blockbusters. Directors warning that their flicks are art, and producers warning that we should not lose “the communal moviegoing experience”.

Perhaps that is why this could succeed. Sure, fifty years from now we will lament the loss of rowdy teenagers, back-row sex, shouting, beer-spraying, mobile phones going off, cramped seats, extortionary food-prices, half-hour commercials, et cetera. But I for one would not mind exploring more intimate forms of “the communal moviegoing experience”. After all, if you can view the film from the comfort of your home theatre, it’s going to take a bit more convincing to lure you to that other theatre. The cinema better shape up.

(Through Brian Flemming.)

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