The Right likes Microsoft

The Sargasso blog has tested it, and it turns out that people who read right-wing blogs have a slight preference for using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer web browser (Dutch), whereas the visitors of left wing blogs are split 50/50 on the whole browser issue.

Of course the methodology used is entirely unsound, as opposed to a recent survey held by video blog Rocketboom, which found out that everybody uses Firefox. The trick to statistical validity: have a good-looking blond chick present the data, and I will believe anything. Anything, I tells you!

Both items found through Ini Kim, who has quit his maternity leave, and is now blogging again. Marriage/fatherhood apparently does wondrous things to one’s hormonal balance, as Ini is the only one who manages to make somewhat lucid statements (Dutch) about Rocketboom’s “research”: if the survey proves anything, it is that regular people now understand the internet to the point that “they understand questions about it and are able to formulate a coherent answer”.

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  1. […] After one of the two head-rabbis of Israel admitted to using the Firefox webbrowser over Satan’s Internet Explorer, because it “keeps out the schmutz”, and almost all of New York admitted to same, now God has been discovered to give a glowing recommendation. Source: Köllner Stadt-Anzeiger […]

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