Halberds to slash Brits with

Sometimes you read a news item about something so propesterously stupid, you wonder how the people that the protagonists belong to have so far managed to escape all of Darwin’s traps.

I won’t name and shame here, if only because the other day I read such a news item about the Dutch: apparently, the city of Amsterdam has allowed tour guides to arm themselves with real halberds in order to attack rowdy British tourists and drug addicts.

The guides in question were giving tours of the seedier parts of town in historical costumes, wearing fake halberds made of wood. Their permit specifically states that the halberds may not be used as a weapon or a deterrent.

Suuuuuure! Let me have that Uzi that I need as a … a prop! That’s right, a prop!

(Source: Het Parool (Dutch).)

2 responses to “Halberds to slash Brits with”

  1. Stefan says:

    Im dutch myself and i have never heard of that story, which seems very incredible.
    I dont see any prove of that here, so for now i dont believe it.

  2. brankl says:

    Het Parool is generally considered a very credible newspaper, though. Which doesn’t mean their story is true, being MSM and all that.

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