Oh goody, I’ll dance to that

Miro, the company that started the Mambo content management system seems to have angered a lot of the core developers, who have now set up shop elsewhere. After requests by developers to start a foundation that would ensure the independence of Mambo to Miro, the latter did indeed set up a foundation, but one that seemed to move in quite the opposite direction. Four of the five board members being Miro folk (with one token “independent” vote), huge member ship fees and lies about the founding process have made the developers leave.

In the meantime, I have installed Mambo at customers’ and am now wondering if this is the sort of event I should tell them about, and where I am going to get new flavours and updates in the future. The beehive of the Mambo forums and the confusing multitude of Mambo dedicated website has always suggested to me that this is an immensely popular project, of which I have only witnessed the tip, so I am not too worried. There will be a brief hiatus, in which the two forks can prove themselves, and then… business as usual.

So if anything comes from this, it’s that I will have been wading through hours and hours of forum postings on this issue on both the old and the new site, just to get some idea of what on earth is going on.

As for who’s right and who’s wrong (if there are a clearly identifiable right and wrong in this matter), I have yet to decide. What is ominous is that some of the forking core developers seem to have been censored and silenced in the official, “old” forums.

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  1. Why, I’m rightly proud to see so many blogs already supportin’ the cause of the community and core team of the CMS formerly known as Mambo.

    I’ve been coverin’ this debacle in-depth since the beginning, with a low-down on just what Miro have done since August 11th. Surely it’s a date that will go down in open source history, no doubt.

    Thankye kindly for takin’ the time to comment,

    The Lone Mamber

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