Marketing for the rich

BoingBoing has a bit about Space Adventures wanting to shoot tourists to the moon for a cool 100,000,000 US$ a pop. Oddly enough, the thing that strikes me as the most interesting is the Space Adventures’ statement that “Mr. Anderson’s […] demographic research, he said, suggests that 500 to 1,000 people in the world can afford to do this”.

There are companies that do demographic research into the richest people of the planet!

Well, that’s not so surprising, really. But how does that work? How do you determine who the richest people are? How large is the error you will accept? (I mean, perhaps the 2,000th on the list can still afford the trip if he will look under the pillows of his sofa.) What kind of spending patterns will you look at? Do you approach these people, or do they approach you?

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