Google more relevant than ever

[Cropped screenshot of Google's search results for 'Inkscape']

Searching for the term “Inkscape” on Google, I got the results as shown in the screenshot above. Not only does Google return a link to the homepage of the Inkscape project, it also includes links to the Download, Screenshots, Documentation and Galleries pages. Has this feature been around for long?

How does it do that? Answers in the Comments, please.

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  1. Nadine says:

    To tell the truth, I only noticed this last week. (I quickly skimmed their site, but no mention of it at all. Might not have been out for long, I don’t even see it on Google Labs). Searching for a large company name gives you IR, Career and Product links… Could it just be an extension of “I’m Feeling Lucky”? I mean most people when the go to a companies site they search for products, press releases or career info….

  2. Nadine says:

    (sorry for posting so many times). Notice that Inkscape uses google search. I thought this was significant, but when you search for Symbol, IBM or Lucent you get the same quicklinks (they don’t use Google Search as far as I can tell. Fujitsu does though). This kinda trashes my theory that it’s done for sites that use the GoogleSearch engine internally :-/

  3. Branko Collin says:

    Thanks for the insights, Nadine. I did get some more news from other sources (via e-mail, Usenet), but have not had the time to check up on them yet.

    One thing I did notice though is that Google seems to get the link texts from text links that appear in regular page text. If you search for WordPress for instance, you get links called “download away” and “a few screenshots” (note the lower-case begin-letters), which are link texts that appear on the WordPress homepage.

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