BBC tries to blame Tim Berners-Lee for everything

International terrorism? Blame Tim Berners-Lee! Children being exposed to hard porn? Blame Tim Berners-Lee! Nigerian scams? Blame Tim Berners-Lee!

The gist of the interview that the BBC held with Tim Berners-Lee seems to be that he should feel guilty for everything that the web is being abused for. Time and again the so-called reporter comes back with questions like “I have to accept that someone in Mexico may have stolen my identity and now be using it; is [that] worth [it]?” and “do you feel responsible for what happens?” and “do you ever have bad moments about [the web being given over to] sexual exhibitionists masturbating in their bedrooms with webcams?” and “you’ve never had a sleepless night over that?”.

From what I am given to understand, that was just the tip of the iceberg, and the real interview tried to blame TBL for international terrorism too. Because, as we all know, the web is the weapon of choice for the international terrorist.


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