Mo’ Mac editors

Reinders ship, nay, fleet has come in.

So here’s an update on my text editor situation (as fishing that info from the comments sections of old posts would be too painful).

My number 1 is still Mi. Yes, the author still does not support the English version fully (I have no idea what that means though–apart from a couple of akward-seeming translations the English version works just fine).

The Mac comes shipped with Pico. I would have preferred Nano for purely ideological reasons, but hey, gift horse and all that.

Places 3 through 5 are taken by the terrific trio of Subetha Edit, Taco and Text Wrangler. Hey, buttons don’t come bigger and shinier than that.

2 responses to “Mo’ Mac editors”

  1. Reinder says:

    I’d already located pico – although it claims to be nano on my machine. I just like rooting around in the Unix layer…
    For now, I’m happy that GIMP works. Not that I have anything useful to do with it right now; I’m still enjoying a long break from my daily webcomics deadline and thinking about ways to make it longer.

  2. Branko Collin says:

    I also noticed yesterday when trying to compile something that there is an extensive programmer’s editor included with the Mac, presumably on the developer’s disk.

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