Marten Toonder died

Dutch is the language of clay and rain and boorishness and flat-bottomed boats floating along majestic canals. Many authors have tried to inject the language with words that described their disdain for this swamp behind the beaches of the North Sea and its inhabitants, but only the inventions of a few survived in the language of today. Marten Toonder was one of those authors.

Toonder managed to breathe an atmosphere of professionalism into the Dutch comic strip scene. His studio became the breeding ground for talent such as Hans G. Kresse, Lo Hartog van Banda, Dick Matena, Fred Julsing, The Tjong King and others. His own strips were recognized as high literature; such that in my high-school, the only comic strip allowed during “Dutch” was Toonder’s Tom Puss.

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5 responses to “Marten Toonder died”

  1. Sorbonne says:

    “Dutch is the language of clay and rain and boorishness…..” and “….this swamp behind the beaches of the North Sea and its inhabitants”.
    Remarks about his/her own country and people, so very typical and so often coming from dutch arrogant assholes who have forgotten the great cultural Dutch history and who themselves have never accomplished anything worthwhile in their lifes, too busy mumbling their quasi-intellectual bullshit with their pot-smoking, welfare-sucking, good-for-nothing scruffy mates. The Leidseplein and Dutch TV panels are swamped with that breed.

  2. brankl says:

    Your point being?

  3. Sorbonne says:

    You’re not exactly the brightest light in the Christmas tree, aren’t you now….
    The point is that some no-name welfare-asshole should not make ignorant remarks by referring to his country as a swamp and the boorishness of its people and the land.
    A reference to the greatness of Holland and its people’s accomplishments through the centuries, whether it’s art, technology or otherwise, would have been more appropriate. Got it now?

  4. brankl says:

    Except that it would not and that you are wrong.

  5. Sorbonne says:

    Get off the weed, Jack and try to get a life. I’m through with you.

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