Did Van Persie rape a lawyer?

Dutch football star Robin van Persie was arrested yesterday on charges of rape. His lawyer, Bram Moscowitz, is convinced Van Persie is innocent. During a TV interview, Moscowitz said he was not allowed to give details about the victim, but said that her profession made her an unreliable witness. What strange profession must that be!

11 responses to “Did Van Persie rape a lawyer?”

  1. Ini says:

    The problem is you have to turn to unreliable media to get the answer: http://www.geenstijl.nl/mt/archieven/005581.html

  2. Samuel Kamiru says:

    There is no need to charge Van.The lady just want to exploit him…and in any case is the
    lady whom might have seduced van….

  3. arrrggghhhh maties!!! says:

    he is innocent INNOCENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SWEETIE HUNNY HUNNY SWEETIE

  4. blueknight says:

    I do not believe that robin van persie can do such a thing. He
    never and never will do that!!! Instead the lady maybe just want to ruin the reputation of robin van persie. He is a good football player and he’s got the support not only from his fans but also for the Arsenal Fans

  5. sadert says:

    innocence is he

  6. Anonymous says:

    he’s hot

  7. Anonymous says:

    For Christ’s sake, people! He DID it. He got off on a technicality! The fact that he’s a football player makes no difference to what he does outside of his profession! And he’s a cheater on the field, too! His appearance and the way he plays on the field makes no difference what-so-ever about his personal life, and what he does to women.

  8. brankl says:

    Charges against Van Persie were dropped because the public prosecutor lacked proof. That’s hardly “a technicality”.

  9. Abbamaiadda says:

    Hi, that is lie! because van persie can’t do such a thing. But i expect the lady can seduced in him, van persie will no charge to him,
    Love you van persie cause of two thing, firstly Arsenal player and secondly muslim.

  10. Abbamaiadda says:

    Van persie i am Abba Mai Adda i love very much

  11. Robin Van Persie was innocent about this,
    Anonymous wat you said is very fault! take care next time

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