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Looking for more info on a couple of authors whose anthology of Dutch poetry and prose I want to send Project Gutenberg-wards, I stumbled on a website called Boek Op CD (Dutch, Book On CD). Its proprietors scan in donated books, turn them into PDF (and where possible perform an OCR run), burn the results on CD and sell those CDs, usually for around 10 euro per copy. Looks like PG has some interesting commercial competition, at least in the Netherlands. So far, they have a small but interesting catalogue. They use the Bookeye planetary scanner, and (just like Distributed Proofreaders) their OCR software of choice is Abbyy Finereader.

If there is anybody who has actually bought such a disk, I would be interested to know (for purposes too nefarious to mention) if the quality of the scans really is as low as the sample book suggests.

(Er, obviously they use Bookeye, as that is their own product. The use of Mambo for both sites seemed to suggest as much. :-))

Interested in finding out more about this project, I turned to Google and As it turns out, the company is run by Rob Camerlink as a side project to his Easy Data company, and based on a similar British project for genealogists called The Archive CD Books Project. There is an interview with Rob Camerlink in Dagblad van het Noorden (Dutch).

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  1. Martin Wisse says:

    I suspect you do know about them, but there’s also the Laurens Janszoon Coster project, the Dutch equivalent of project Gutenberg, at [].

  2. Branko Collin says:

    Yup, know about them.

    I corresponded with the project lead a couple of years ago, but they seem unlikely to expand, that is why I joined PG instead. Project Gutenberg has a growing collection of Dutch language books, Dutch actually being one of their top languages.

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