Armstrong finances drug tests

Lance Armstrong sponsors UCI drug testing, said UCI chairman Hein Verbruggen in an interview with Dutch sports TV show Studio Sport today. The interview was part of a long look at the legend Lance Armstrong has become during his lifetime.

Verbruggen revealed this in an attempt to bolster Armstrong’s reputation (this shows he’s committed to fighting doping), although his opponents could of course read something else in this (he’s buying negative test results).

Although Armstrong is the most doping-tested bicycle racer of the past eight years, no-one has ever found a shred of evidence that he is taking performance enhancing drugs (he was once tested positive, but that was the result of taking a skin cream against saddle sores). Yet allegations, especially by trash-rag Le Monde (and “namesake” Greg Lemond) have been haunting him for years.

Armstrong has also helped fund drug testing in the past.

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