On the relation between psychosis and marijuana

Politicians have squandered billions of tax-payers money to try and find negative effects of smoking marijuana, but have been surprisingly unsuccessful. This is rather unfortunate, because the same politicians have been surpressing the freedoms of these same tax-payers on the grounds that ‘marijuana is bad for you’. Which, apparently, it is not.

The one crumb thrown in their direction by the researchers of the world is a corelation between marijuna and psychosis. The thing the researchers aren’t sure about yet is whether marijuana is the cause for psychosis. The jury is still out on that.

The New Scientist has an interesting article that explores the various findings of scientists who went looking for the connection between marijuana and psychosis.

(Disclaimer: I have never ingested marijuana myself, but I did at one time almost get arrested for growing it. Drat, there goes my chance to become Miss Universe.)

2 responses to “On the relation between psychosis and marijuana”

  1. Mr Smith says:

    I just like to say that i did smoke a lot and i am fucked up big
    time. weed turned me sadist an im still smoking today

  2. Marijuana Growth says:

    I think marijuana should be legalised. Its really not a big deal. My friend lives in california we he can grow. He uses a m grow box. He has a card and can do so legally and its even perscribed by a doctor. After his accident, he lost he appetitie. With marijuana he has it back, and feels less pain. Why shouldnt he get his natural medicine?

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