#2.2.2, I got an answer machine that can talk to you

IIRC, I wanted to go camping this Summer in Boxtel, but the mayor says I am not allowed to (based on art. 2.2.2. of the APV). This appears to have created some brouhaha.

Unfortunately, the What the Hack’s website sucks big time as always. Public participation is about as unwanted as camping in Boxtel. So I am posting this here.

The local ordinance the mayor leans on can be downloaded at some horrible dynamic URL (PDF). If that doesn’t work, go to boxtel.nl, click on Kalender, click on Verordeningen Actueel, click on Algemene Plaatselijke Verordening 2004.

Chapter 2 is about Public Order, section 2.2 about Supervision of Events, article 2.2.2. (page ) about Events.

Article 2.2.1. defines events as any publicly accessible form of entertainment (follows a long list of exceptions, some of which a hacker with a sense of humour might use).

Article 2.2.2. states that you need a permit from the mayor to hold an event; permits can be refused on the basis of (or with the goal of)

  • public order
  • to prevent or limit public nuisance
  • traffic safety or the safety of persons or goods
  • morality or health

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