My First Web Comic

OK, so technically speaking it is not my comic. (And it’s not even my first web comic.)

Americans get some things right. Yes they do. Now don’t you deny it, it’s true! For instance, they (sometimes?) argue that the public should not pay twice for things. So their copyright law has a provision that works created from public funds cannot be copyrighted.

The devil is in the details, and in everyday practice a lot of publicly funded works are saturated with copyright claims. Luckily, amongst others NASA and the Library of Congress (the US variant of the Koninklijke Bibliotheek) get it right, and so I find myself browsing their collections for reusable stuff often and with pleasure.

The following cartoon is from a newspaper called Stars and Stripes, which was distributed in the last years of the Great War among the American troops stationed in France. Every page I have seen so far has a drawing taking up most of the top right hand corner of the page. Someone should collect these and clean them up.

Trooper trying to roll his own

Memo to self: find out if Douglas Wolk got around to creating a public internet archive of early American newspaper comics.

2 responses to “My First Web Comic”

  1. Martin Wisse says:

    Who is the artist? Any idea?

  2. Branko Collin says:

    No. The signature seems to say something like Wolf.

    The original scans are of a much higher resolution though, so perhaps they can provide you with a clue.

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