Cents and Sensibility

Why does Penguin splash out half a million on the promotion of Sense and Sensibility and hundreds of other Moldy Oldies? Because these classics, which many of us hated to read in highschool (come on! fess up!), easily outsell any of today’s hits, according to a two year old article in Slate.

(I had looked for this link before, but could not find the article. When David Rothman asked me to try again, I finally stumbled upon the lucky search words.)

One such Dutch classic that was recently posted to Project Gutenberg is Spinoza’s Ethica. Not quite unputdownable if you ask me, but there is no accounting for taste. Funnily enough, a completely separate group of volunteers has been working on scanning and proofing a second translation of the Ethica. (Translation, because the Spinoza did not publish his pivotal work in Dutch.)

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