AC Milan – PSV 2-0

In an interview published a couple of weeks ago, PSV winger Young-Pyo Lee said that he cherished losing, because from losing you can learn. “We haven’t had many chances to learn this season,” he concluded.

Well, yesterday PSV were a given a masterclass in football by AC Milan, and I hope the youngsters at PSV have been paying attention, because they received a lot of course material. It would be interesting to see how they develop from this point onwards. PSV earned its chance to play with the best this season, and I think it has the players who can do something with that.

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  1. brankl says:

    Hm, re-reading this I realize PSV has since scored 7 points in 3 matches against the AC (3-1 win at home, 0-0 draw away, and a 1-0 win at home), so it would seem the youngsters learned quickly.

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