“Oh my, downloading is illegal!”

The tone and subject of lunch conversations often depend on the sort of firm you work for. When I had a temporary job at a garage, the talk was about cars, hoes and dem forinners. At a geek-dominated customer, the talk is about technology. At my part-time job at an ad agency, the talk is about sex.

At the ad agency, the talk was about something else the other day. One of my colleagues was waiting for her iPod to arrive, and she was discussing the music to put on it. “Oh, but I cannot download music any longer. Didn’t you hear? They are cracking down on downloaders.” Of course, I dutifully explained that this is not true, that downloading music and films and books is perfectly legal (Dutch, Iusmentis), but I am not sure she believed me.

The Brein foundation, our modern day Dutch brown shirts, have threatened once again that now they will start demanding payment of damages for real (Dutch, Webwereld).

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