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Ini draws attention to a piece of furniture that will change things for ever. Next time you bump your knee into a chair that’s in the way, you will not be a able to curse that fucking chair without creating uncertainty as to what you were talking about. Remember, there’s no SFW or NSFW, only shades of grey.

Larry came back from a holiday, pardon, working holiday in Brasil and finally started blogging again. The important entry, though, is the one in which he draws attention to a plea from the US Copyright Office, which would like suggestions from all interested parties on how to deal with orphaned works. Us Yirrapeans can repay the North-Americans that helped us earlier.

Merel points out the National Day of Poetry. I am of two minds about that. On the one hand, you can never have too much poetry. And on the other, such a special day is an invitation for a trite parade of the few poems my people manage to remember. (I wish I were two dogs / So we could play together.)

David lets on that the Elizabeth Taylor movie “The Last Time I saw Paris”, loosely based on the F. Scott Fitzgerald story “Babylon Revisited”, is now apparently in the public domain. Looks like somebody forgot to renew their copyrights! Ladies and gentlemen, start you burners! Or … perhaps not, as imdb viewers rate it 5.9 out of ten. Still, it’s got the first credited appearance of a young Roger Moore, as a gigolo no less.

Finally, Reinder foams at the mouth about Justice Minister Donner wanting to ban swastikas. I was going to say something sage and contemplatative about that–no, wait, something daft and stupid; but it is time to be off to bed.

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