What do authors want?

Although I don’t think that authors should have the definitive say on what should happen to the works they publish, I do feel that when copyright law is being rewritten, their voice should have a lot more weight than that of publishers. Most importance should be given to the opinion of the readers.

(For those who do not know: copyright law, intended to limit the immoral dealings of some publishers, has been written almost exclusively by publishers. It is as if the Maffia is being asked time and again to write anti-racketeering laws.)

Unfortunately, there seems to be little known about what authors want specifically. Luckily, The Internet Archive does not just publish a lot of sound, it also publishes the release statements that went with all these bootlegs. Interesting stuff for a copyright archeologist, it would seem to me. Just click on a artist/band name, then click on “This band: Band policy/notes”.

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