My GIMP keyboard shortcuts

The keyboard shortcuts I have come to remember over four years of using The GIMP:

  • R – Rectangular Selection (M in Photoshop, for “Marquee Selection”)
  • Alt-I – Change to indexed mode
  • Alt-R – Change to RGB mode
  • Shift-B – Fill (B for “Bucket Fill”)
  • Shift-C – Crop
  • Shift-Control-I – Image Information
  • Ctrl-S – Save
  • Ctrl-2 – Copy selection to new image
  • F2 – Flatten image (this means reduce all layers to one, keeping only the visible pixels)

(Standard editing shortcuts like for Copy and Undo not listed, as I already knew them from other programs.)

The last two shortcuts were dynamically assigned: the GIMP lets you assign your own keyboard shortcuts, if you like.

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