AldiPod for sale again

Aldi has (re?)introduced its 20 GB MP3 player in the Netherlands. The thing has been nicknamed the AldiPod on the net, as it is a direct competitor to Apple’s device, with some extras thrown in, and of course significantly cheaper. Expect these babies to be sold out by the end of the day.

Heise has a nice review (in German): “Conclusion: the MD95200 is on a technical level at least equal to the iPod, and thanks to the SD/MMC slot and USB-OTG even better. The customer will have to live with limitations in the areas of design and menu operation.

EDIT: In related news, David Weinberger writes that 11% of all grown-up US citizens own an iPod. I think it is safe to conclude that Apple is no longer (just) a computer company.

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