EU Copyright Consultation replies

Over a month ago the deadline expired for the Consultation on the review of EU legislation on copyright and related rights, an initiative to consult “interested parties” about further harmonization in the European Union.

The site promised to publish the replies, but has remained silent since.

I know of the following public replies (and a private one that I won’t publish):



Jeroen Hellingman/Project Gutenberg (PDF)

Branko Collin (PDF)

Do you know any more? Post them in the comments.

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  1. […] In an earlier post I mentioned the five contributions to the EU Copyright Consultation that I knew about. In the meantime, the EU Commission staff has not sat still, and has now published a full list of all submitted documents (most in English). 134 stakeholders have sent in their opinions on the matter; 126 of these are authorised for publication. […]

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