SciFi: Master of his Fate

Neil Barron’s bibliography Horror Literature describes it as follows: “Mystery story about a man who must continually renew his health and vitality by draining the vital energy of others. Often compared to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, but it is more closely related to stories of psychic vampirism, and in allowing the psychic vampire to give his own side of the story it anticipates such modern exercises in vampire existentialism as Charnas’s The Vampire Tapestry.

That sounds like a description of every third or fourth Star Trek episode to me, but Master of his Fate by J. Maclaren Cobban was written long before Gene Roddenberry was a glint in the eyes of his parents.

(I helped re-produce this book for Project Gutenberg for Distributed Proofreader’s Halloween proofathon. Available as ‘plain vanilla text’ and HTML.)

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