Leon Krijnen of daily BN/De Stem gets all grandfatherly and talks about the good old days (Dutch), when the internet was young, the air was clean and sex was dirty. (Well, perhaps not the two latter things but … ah well, you get the point.)

He recounts how “Every Saturday morning, round about 9 A.M., the web server went down. Only after about five weeks the cause of this was discovered. The hardware had been put in the cellar of a media castle in Sittard, where the cleaning lady pulled the plug every weekend to be able to put in the plug of the vacuum cleaner. When she had finished vacuuming, she would neatly put the web server’s power plug back in, and by the time the alarmed system administrator had arrived, she had long left the premises. The logs of the server would fail to reveal any hint as to the cause of these mysterious outages, because even Linux is incapable of doing much logging when all electricity is gone.”

(Via R-Win.)

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