Minister Donners welcomes CC licenses

He seems to be one of the few who think that copyright as it is, is quite all right and need not be changed: Minister of Justice Piet Hein Donner (christian conservatives) recently wrote a letter to Dutch parliament (Dutch PDF) saying as much.

However, he did note a favourable change in the copyright landscape. About Creative Commons he wrote:

“Tegen deze achtergrond verwelkom ik uiteraard initiatieven zoals Creative Commons, waarmee de verspreiding van auteursrechtelijk beschermde werken via Internet op basis van een stelsel van standaardlicenties wordt gestimuleerd zonder dat inbreuk op het auteursrecht wordt gemaakt (vgl.”

(Against this background [that of free access to information–Branko] I welcome intiatives like that of Creative Commons, with which distribution of copyrighted works via internet on the basis of a set of standard licenses is being encouraged without infringing on copyrights (cp.

Actually, he wrote ‘copyright protected works’, but I am not going to follow him in that use of entertainment industry propaganda jargon: works are rarely protected by copyright, and commonly destroyed by it.

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