A richer world

Today, I am proud to be one of the Distributed Proofreaders. We just posted a bumper crop of unique etexts to Project Gutenberg. Everything from “The Psychology of Sex” to “Slave Narratives”, from the “Poems” of Jonathan Swift to “Historie de la Révolution française”, from “Punch” to “Scientific American”. Most of these are hard texts, that really show the strenght of DP. By distributing the workload, we make difficult projects manageable. And by making projects manageable, we are creating a rich soil for them. Fifty public domain texts have become available, accessible, rippable, burnable, searchable, mixable, quotable, learnable, giveable, malleable, tellable, et ceterable.

You can find a list of links to the fifty books at http://www.gutenberg.nl/press/dp-5000-pr.

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