The dead

Today, singer André Hazes died. He was someone who never seemed to grasp in time when people were being sarcastic, but his naïvety sometimes paid off. Someone would joke that he should sing rock ‘n’ roll, and he would, and not that bad either. Huge swaths of the population took to him, and of the rest many liked him because they thought him camp. Like a Liberace, always hovering between cool and uncool, to the point that even the discerning part of the audience never quite knew how to pigeonhole him.

Sarcasm, irony, cynicism; what were the differences again? An unsettling bit of irony (or is it really cynicism?): Amsterdam TV channel AT5 published the news of Hazes’ death, and put an ad for a music festival beneath it that everyone immediately associates with the sort of music Andr� Hazes used to sing. Irony, but then the eye gets caught by the ad to the left, that claims that a company called Ad’sense can connect any bit of advertising with any bit of content. Let’s hope that that is not what has happened here, or AT5’s management should crawl in a hole and stay there till the shame has passed.

Screenshot from, cropped.

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