Book Chr. Thijm about law in the internet age

I was developing copyright tunnel vision: as I explained in a comment to a Lessig blog entry about Open Source in the UK government, copyfight discussion on the web seems to be taking place mainly in the USA. That country has a copyright system that sometimes differs quite a lot from the European systems. So the following development came as a nice surprise.

According to Webwereld, starting September 6 Christiaan Alberdingk Thijm will publish a book about how law is dealing with the internet age. Thijm is known for succesfully representing Kazaa all the way to the Dutch supreme court (Hooggerechtshof) in its legal battle against collection agency Buma/Stemra. The latter claimed that Kazaa facilitated copyright infringement, a notion that the court dismissed with a bow to the US Supreme Court’s famous Betamax decision.

Thijm also won a case for against Brein, the Dutch RIAA/MPAA wannabe.

The book is called ‘Het Nieuwe Informatierecht‘ (The New Information Law). A preview of the book, the chapter about copyright and P2P, can be downloaded from the Webwereld site. The book tries to outline the areas where existing law is a mismatch with new technologies, and covers topics such as spam, hyperlinking, p2p, domain names, et cetera.

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