Swede and Canadian threatened with US law

Big Copyright seems to have discovered BitTorrent. BoingBoing reports that film maker Dreamworks has sent a DMCA takedown notice to BitTorrent tracker The Pirate Bay, whilst a customer of cable ISP Cogeco reports to have received a takedown notice from the MPAA through the ISP.

The interesting bit is that The Pirate Bay is based in Sweden, while Cogeco and its customer are in Canada. Neither countries are of course under rule of US law.

The blogs that run this story laugh about the stupidity of the MPAA and Dreamworks, but I think it is sad that everybody seems to accept as fact that the parties in question are breaking some kind of law (filesharing just happens to be legal in Canada, something that Cogeco and its customers do not seem to ‘get’), and that Big Copyright can try scare tactics on people in other jurisdictions. I wish people would worry a bit less about the poor starving artist, and a bit more about the constant nibbling at the foundations of democracy by corporations.

(See also the take-down notice Pirate Bay received and their response.)

As they say: do not ascribe to malicious intent that which can be explained by stupidity. And although these actions of the MPAA and Dreamworks may be the result of stupidity or accident, the malicious intent may be a criminal offense in this case.

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