Idea: online peer-reviewed school

Must jot down this idea before I forget.

Create an online school in the mould of Ars Digita University. Let those who are further along in their studies review the ones that are not as far. In other words, create a system like the years in school, but discard the teachers. Even the curriculum could be based on Wikipedia-like text books.

How trustworthy would such a system be? I don’t know.

It could be used for other purposes. Once, when the internet was young, oldbies would introduce newbies to the things that could be said about the topic of a given newsgroup. Sometimes an oldby would become indignant and point the newby to a FAQ. Sometimes the newby would learn and become an oldby.

I am a regular contributor to the nl.internet.www.ontwerp news group (all things webdesign). Most of the birdchatter there is of newbies (drive-by newbies, often) who indignantally tell us to help them, now! What bliss it would be if there were three or four of those newsgroups, overlapping, and you could only progress from one to the other by proving your worth. You could have a Slashdot-like system of modding postings up and down.

Sounds very much the recipe for old-boys-network type disaster. How to solve that aspect of it?

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