Shotgun holidays

Coming from a border town, the distribution of holidays has always baffled me slightly. (Can one be baffled slightly?) Germans seem to have a different holiday once every two weeks.

Here in the Netherlands, the method of determining holidays seems to have been as follows: 1) hang a calendar on the wall; 2) take a shotgun; 3) aim at the space between April and May; 4) fire.

The odd thing is that the one day exactly in the middle, Labour Day, is celebrated all over the world, even in the staunchest bastions of worker exploitation, except in the Netherlands.

But what we do have: Good Friday, Easter, National Holiday, Liberation Day, Ascension, Pentacost. It would seem there is method to this madness, as all of these holidays occur during (early) spring. It would allow people to enjoy the onset of better weather.

Except, of course, that as long as I can remember May has been a rainy month…

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